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Minimally Invasive Foot Surgeries

Minimally invasive foot surgeries, utilizing small incisions and specialized tools, offer precise treatment for foot conditions like bunions, hammertoes, and heel pain. These procedures ensure faster recovery, minimal scarring, and reduced discomfort compared to traditional surgeries, allowing patients to return to their routines sooner with less tissue trauma.

Pre/Post-Op Instructions & Surgical Procedures

Discover the convenience of advanced imaging at Kinex Podiatry with our Ortho Scan X-ray technology, dedicated to diagnosing foot and ankle conditions like fractures, arthritis, and more. Our in-office capabilities extend to immediate treatments, allowing for real-time procedures such as joint aspirations and injections, ensuring superior care and comfort for our patients right here at our facility.

Pre / Post Operative Instructions

Pre-operative Appointment

You will be seen for your preoperative appointment within 2 weeks of your planned surgery date. At this appointment, your doctor will review your surgery in detail with you and answer any remaining questions you may have. Consents will be signed, and any boots or surgical shoes needed for surgery will be dispensed.

Laboratory Tests

Your provider will order bloodwork in preparation for your surgery. The order forms will be given to you during your preoperative visit. The bloodwork will need to be obtained within 2 weeks of your surgery date. You may also need to obtain a chest X-ray, EKG or clearance from your medical doctor depending on your medical history. These orders and instructions on how to obtain these tests will be provided to you at your pre-operative appointment.


During your preoperative visit, you will receive prescriptions for post-operative medication. Please have these filled just before your surgery so you do not have to stop at the pharmacy on the way home to pick them up.



24-48 hours before your surgery, you will be contacted by your anesthesiologist to review your medical history and answer any questions you may have regarding the anesthesia that is provided to you during surgery.

The Day before Surgery

The Day of Surgery


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